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Let's not let this place die

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Guys I've been a lurker here for a long time now. I want to revive the boards here. Who's with me?

As an initial step, I suggest we all meet on an IRC chan to discuss things. How about it?

I made my attempt to revive the place... as a personal favor to a friend.  I failed and have since given up.

I am really not very interested in Anime, so I don't know how I can really help other than to attempt to reply when I can and if I have something to add to a conversation.

Youko Kenshin:
I don't know how I managed to find this place again, but...

There are a lot of people that used to be on here that now have jobs, families, and other responsibilities. Reviving and posting on a board I posted on when I was 15 isn't on my to-do list. It was fun while it lasted, but at the same time I look back and realize I was a stupid teenager. A very, very stupid teenager.

However, I am still into anime and such (I'm rewatching DBZ right now for Christ's sake).

You can try as much as you want, but I don't know if it's going to be any more than a day trip to lost memories.


I still google "yanime" every few years to look at the ruins left behind when I left  ;) ShuJaku, Suzaku, Mario, Mar, Plixik, Destroyer of Worlds, will never return. This forum will be left behind as a blip in time on the internet when anime fans didn't have social networks, Wikipedia, high quality streaming sites and needed to find niche communities online to relate and find good anime. Maybe we'll have a movie someday where we're all "too old for this shit", but probably not.

Hi Youko!

or, we'll just keep coming back just to say hi. :-\
Cause reasons. :)


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