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Kiki's Delivery Service


The four year old I babysit and I started watching Kiki's Delivery Service yesterday, but she got in trouble for not eating her dinner and was sent to bed.  I watched the rest of it last night.

I thought this one was kinda cute, but I felt a little lost about the clock tower.  At the start of the show, the guy in the tower was the first one she met in the city... then the next people she met were unsettled and became rude when she mentioned the tower.  Why?!?

The little one watched the second half of it tonight.  She must have been enjoying it because when asked if she wanted to watch a movie tonight, she didn't ask for Lion King... she said she wanted to watch the rest of the 'little girl witch one'.

Sadly, I wasn't able to have a 'lesson' talk with her after the movie was over.



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