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As I just posted in another topic, I am now babysitting a four year old quite frequently.  I am not really interested in cartoons or anime and if I have to sit through The Lion King one more time I think I'm going to hang myself.

I'd really appreciate suggestions of animated shows that meet the following conditions:

* Appropriate for watching with a four year old little girl.  (No sex, violence, vulgarity, etc.  You know... very PG rated.)  Also, please don't bother suggesting things like Dora or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, etc. that are readily available on the Cartoon Network.  She's seen them all.
* Stand alone shows without an underlying storyline... She loves silly cartoons like Tom and Jerry, but wouldn't remember an underlying storyline to associate to another episode of an ongoing series.
* English or Dubbed rather than subbed because she loses interest quickly and I would personally prefer to just read a book than read a show on tv.
* Duration around 1.5 hours or less.  Less is preferred due to the attention span of a child.Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


Any Ghibli movie (well, maybe except Grave of the Fireflies) and Pokemon are the only ones that comes to mind as being child-friendly.

There are a lot of kid-friendly anime, but not a lot dubbed in English. Basically, there isn't a huge market for such a thing.

As was mentioned above, practically anything by Studio Ghibli should be quite fine. They're practically the Disney of Japan. Interestingly, they also had a distribution deal thorugh Disney here in the US and so their films have very good English dubs.

I'll try to find some other dubbed titles that are kid-friendly and then update my post.

Thanks you two.

Could you perhaps give me a few titles you'd suggest rather than just name a studio?

Looking at my small disc collection:

From Ghibli:

* Castle in the Sky
* The Cat Returns (Show after Whisper of the Heart)
* Kiki's Delivery Service
* My Neighbor Totoro
* Porco Rosso
* The Secret World of Arriety (Might be listed as The Borrowers - Arriety for the UK version)
* Whisper of the Heart
I haven't seen My Neighbors the Yamadas or Tales from Earthsea yet, so I can't comment on those.

There is also Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Spirited Away, but they have a bit more intense imagery that might frighten a child that young. Princess Mononoke is definitely out of the question right now.

With non-Ghibli, I've heard Sailor Moon is quite good and works well for young children, but I don't have direct experience with it.

I'll post more once I can go through my full collection of anime.


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