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Anyone else seen Little Witch Academia? It's pretty awesome, I love the style. Obviously, a lot of other people agree, since the sequel got over $600,000 via Kickstarter. Trigger might be the next studio to keep an eye on, if they keep quality up on Kill la Kill (their big series).

Unfortunately, Trigger's upload of the video on YouTube is now private, but you can still watch it on Crunchyroll.

Please, oh please make suggestions similar to this one that I could watch with the four year old I regularly babysit. 

My only request would be that they are dubbed rather than subbed.  Four year olds can't read and I don't like having to read a show that we're watching on a tv.  I'd rather just read a book.

We watched Little Witch Academia this evening.  She enjoyed it.  The show is short enough that she wasn't bored and had just enough monsters to keep it entertaining but those monsters weren't so scary that she couldn't sleep after watching the show.

After we watch any movie/show/cartoon/whatever, we usually have a short discussion about it... especially if I can find a special lesson in the show.  The Little Witch Academia repeated a few times about believing, so that was her lesson tonight.  She often says she can't do something because she doesn't try hard enough or more often because it is easier to say that and get someone else to do things for her.  The lesson for tonight was that she can do things if she believes she can do them... rather than simply saying 'I can't do it'


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