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So, does anyone here play Everquest? I recently got into the game (well, still getting into the game considering the fact that I'm still downloading it!) and it seems to be a nice game to hedge my bets on. I know it's more than a decade old but whatever. I'm downloading EQ2 as well!


I'm not too fond of MMORPGs tbh. They tend to require a lot of time - time I unfortunately can't afford to spare :/

I'm absolutely new to the world of MMORPGs so I'm going in with fingers crossed and all that stuff. I am more into the flight sim stuff.

Sadly, I am neither a gamer nor an anime fan.  I was convinced to join the board to help combat the spammers but even they seem to have stopped posting (Actually, Motoko set the site restrictions a bit tighter.)  I have nothing to input but thanks to dish112 for bringing a breath of fresh air to AA.

Haha it looks like we're both here for different reasons then. But all the same, let's keep posting. :)


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