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What autograph would you most like to get?


Over the years, I have collected a few autographs of Japanese anime/manga professionals: Hal Mikomoto (at AnimeCon '91), Takahashi Rumiko (Dr. Comics in Oakland in 1994), and Mari Iijima a few years ago (at a concert in Los Angeles, the city she lives in now). Mikimoto and Iijima both signed my Macross gold book, and Takahashi signed my Urusei Yatsura manga volume 1 (in Japanese, of course). Takahashi also drew a little P-chan next to her signature.

I would love to get the autograph of Adachi Mitsuru, creator of Touch, Cross Game, and many other manga and several anime based on them. I haven't yet found a U.S. convention with him as a guest, and I may wind up having to find an event in Japan to go get it.

Whose autograph would you most like to get?

I would want a number of  actors and voice actors autograph. Theres too many for me to list. Probably would have a whole book of them.

Cool, sounds ambitious. :)


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