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Favorite books/authors?

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I got the idea from my welcome topic

--- Quote from: hellion on March 01, 2011, 06:07:52 PM ---I enjoy reading a great deal.  I tend to stick to the Fantasy genre.  Favorite authors include (but are NOT limited to) Robert Jordan (RIP), David and Leigh Eddings, Steven Brust, Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind, and Margaret Weis/Tracy Hickman.  I'm currently plowing my way through all of the Dragonlance novels (about 160 behind me already) and hope to move toward Forgotten Realms next.

--- End quote ---

What are your favorite books/authors?

A Wizard of Earthsea, the novel was superior to the Ghibli adaptation in every way (although it might have been a different story if Hayao Miyazaki had directed the film instead of his son).

The Percy Jackson-Series, and The Kane chronicles. I like how Rick Riodan putd the demigods in different perspective on whats going on. At first he was telling the story in only the eyes of Percy Jackson, but then he added the other characters point of view, later on in the series and with his Kane Chronicles.

I have so many different types of books that I read anymore it is difficult to pick something so narrow. Right now, I have over 80 books on my "to read" pile. I mix Stephen King with John Grisham and Robin Cook. Sometimes I'll even throw in Michael Crichton or Barbara Kingsolver too.  I've read sci-fi (Douglas Adams), Fantasy (Louise Cooper), Thriller (John Case). I know I have Phillip Pullman, Steig Larsson, and Richard Matheson to read.

Motoko-chan, don't leave out the Terry Goodkind books I gave you.  If I remember right, I gave you the first five of the Sword of Truth series.

Those are still on your 'to read' list too.


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