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Going with our new theme, I grabbed a few domains for the site. While the site will probably always be accessible via, our new primary domain will be This change will take place with the launch of the community portal.

The site can also be accessed via アニメに病み付き.com and アニ病.com.

(Firefox won't display the unicode version of the domain in your browser, so you'll see xn-- with a bunch of letters after. Chrome/Chromium won't by default either unless you add Japanese to the language list. Instructions will come later.)

alright sweet deal, definitely start sharing it with some friends  ;D

Whoa, the word yamitsuki has kanji in it. 

*studies them*


--- Quote from: Waffo on February 21, 2011, 07:01:22 PM ---Whoa, the word yamitsuki has kanji in it. 

*studies them*

--- End quote ---

There are a few different ways of writing what translates to "yamitsuki". I was informed that the way as I posted was the correct one for the phrase.

Good to see you're still going I tried typing yanime in google i could not see it i thought it was dead!
regardless good site. planning on having the old school banner up? or the logo?


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