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Shortly, I'll be taking the first step in reviving YAnime. I have decided to, at this time, revive it as an anime and manga discussion community. I hope to implement some nice features like reviews.

It is my intention to make this a place where a close-knit community can form and have fun. I don't intend the site to get large like AnimeSuki or other large boards, I'd much rather it be cozy and welcoming.

Please, do look forward to these changes!

Also, as the older themes are quite broken, I've switched to a more generic default for now.

Welcome back Webmistress! And it's glad to hear that Yanime will be getting revived. I will also gladly offer my services where I can ;)

Note that I have gone through and cleaned as much spam as I could find easily. Cleaned out all the accounts with 0 posts, then started working backwards through member registrations and checking each one by hand until about early 2009.

This does mean that any topics started by spammers have been removed, so post counts will have gone down if you posted on one of those topics.

If you notice further post spam, please use the "report to moderator" link and it will be handled. Please do not reply to it or quote it in reply.

Thanks for the major help there Motoko.  ;D


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