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« on: October 22, 2007, 04:45:07 PM »
Umm... I'm still working on Everlasting Love, so don't worry  ;D. My birthday's in five days, so I guess I'll take a quick break.

I'm alone cause I'm afraid this epicdemic will arise,
From sunrise, to when the moon rises up crystal clear,
I'm alone cause I'm tired of hearing the same thing,
Maybe anxiety had got me, or maybe it's fear,

Fatigued and exhausted, I feel upset and angry,
You ask me why I'm mad, with that fake smile of yours,
But obviously you know the answer you seek to pry,
I don't want to be friends, I want more, can't you see?

Your lovely figure which you discard with disgust,
Your smile so beautiful, a relaxing feeling to my chest,
Your shifting attitude, from being mean to being kind,
Has me head over heels in love until I can't rest,

I want to fight this emotion, so tediously strong,
About how much you intoxicate me, with a melody,
Of lust and harmony, meshing together to prolong,
How much I am, nothing to confuse without doubt,

I'm alone because I want you, I lust for you,
I want to get in you, but yet I want your every being,
I'm alone because I miss you, even when you don't,
With these heart flown images, that I'm seeing,

Can't get enough of you, so please try to understand,
I'm alone because I realize now what I chased,
For so long, has begun to get incredibly out of hand,
What I felt was worth it, just hurt you emotionally,

So cry no more, because still here I am, hurting,
Alone, alone, so very alone, without your love,
To place this broken and ripped heart inside.
Chapter 2: Being With You

Toujou pursed then bit her lips as; she stared at the invitation with a gentle worried and passive look on her face. Could she go? Slowly, she sighed unhappily.

'Manaka-kun. . .' Sighing again with a huff, she got up and gazed at her room. Staring at her achievements, awards, and recognition she had received, she realized all of this was thanks to Manaka. He was her inspiration, her fire, and her bright light in the darkness. Like a guardian angel, he seemed to be there for her all the time, that was exactly the Manaka she had come to fall in love with.

So why was reading the invitation giving her the feeling of crawling in her bed, and just staying for three years?

Looking at the letter she read it carefully. Angrily for the first time out of jealously she tossed the letter before her eyes could even peer over it, as she felt tears drip out of her as she felt her eyes water and she let it all out.

"I love you Manaka-kun!"

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Re: Alone
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that really touched me cuz i experienced that...

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Re: Alone
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we felt and experienced the same... :'(
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Re: Alone
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>///< its really touched me ...

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Re: Alone
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*swings her fist around*


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