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the poem of a begginer

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like it says im just beginning to write poems so dont laugh at it and please give me some feedbacks thanks ;)

I've said that i wont bother her
but then why do i still look at her
i guess I'm not ready yet
I am not ready to forget

I just couldn't ignore my feelings
my feelings that is constantly changing
I told myself that I would give up but I cant
though in the end I still couldn't

I tried to forget, the things I have felt
because my heart hurts so much
but you can't lie to your self about how you feel
so all that I could do was to just watch

I would really like to do something
but I couldn't really do anything
I really am unworthy of such a thing
because in the end I could only do nothing

yeah its love

Feel the same way, *sigh*, exact same way.

thats for my crush that i really really loved :'(

we really experienced the exact same thing...  :'(

it seems like you posted again what you have :P


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