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We are: A Poem
« on: October 09, 2007, 05:47:22 PM »
Wow guys! Just came back from a long term trip, sorry guys! I'll get working on my fan fiction as soon as possible, especially since I'm still doing SAT'S :(.

Notify me, for your words leave me in a picturesque scene,
How can I be expressive enough for your love?
Tattered scribbles, word babbles, enough to extend,
For with every tempting soul I endure, will you move?

Your lips close enough so we are entangled, fixated,
With eyes close and there we both lay, animalistic sensations,
Your kiss is my everything, making me feel asphyxiated,
At a loss for words, senusal to the lips, akin to a ocean breeze.

You, she, we, we are everything we wanted,
I could never ask for anything more believe me,
Because our love grows, ascending below, roots and shoots,
It shows that love isn't cliche, but more than meets the eye,

Because one kiss is enough to prove that theory,
Picture us together because no matter what it's the truth,
Our lips kiss tenderly and it's obvious that this is the story,
Of two lovers who notify of each other,

Whenever, wherever, or whatever we are, we are dazzled,
Something to behold, we are shooting stars,
We are everything and that's enough to prove we are in love.
Chapter 2: Being With You

Toujou pursed then bit her lips as; she stared at the invitation with a gentle worried and passive look on her face. Could she go? Slowly, she sighed unhappily.

'Manaka-kun. . .' Sighing again with a huff, she got up and gazed at her room. Staring at her achievements, awards, and recognition she had received, she realized all of this was thanks to Manaka. He was her inspiration, her fire, and her bright light in the darkness. Like a guardian angel, he seemed to be there for her all the time, that was exactly the Manaka she had come to fall in love with.

So why was reading the invitation giving her the feeling of crawling in her bed, and just staying for three years?

Looking at the letter she read it carefully. Angrily for the first time out of jealously she tossed the letter before her eyes could even peer over it, as she felt tears drip out of her as she felt her eyes water and she let it all out.

"I love you Manaka-kun!"

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Re: We are: A Poem
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2007, 08:06:22 AM »
I don't know if this is based on anything but it's great!  Though reading that title, I just have to say...PENN STATE!

Anyways, it's great to see such poems with awesome words usage so... POW!


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