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StarCraft II Anyone?

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Anyone ready to not have a life when this baby comes out?

Finally after 10 years of being dormant.  StarCraft emerges once again.  Only now, I don't think the Earth will ever be the same.  I think we're heading towards an apocalypse.

Hopefully everyone is prepared.

Heheheh...I know i am.
Ready to get pwned?

I can't wait til this comes out. I've been playing SC since it came out back 10 years ago. I still play it from time to time. I like the new units that have come out.

hey josh, hows it goin. oh wait, this thread is from 2007...and still on the top half of page 1...

tell me if you ever see this message and ill buy you 14 copies of starcraft 2

Well Josh, I gave you 3 years to see that post. My offer for 14 copies of starcraft 2 has now expired.


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