what do you think about this ending? of ichigo 100%?

aya ending
36 (59%)
nishino ending
25 (41%)

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Author Topic: depresed? **** SPOILERS ****  (Read 37840 times)

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Re: depresed? **** SPOILERS ****
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Yes i like Nishino alot and i like Manaka choosing her. I really like how she tease her and how she get jealous. I guess separating is not a bad thing. It makes me feels that even though she is away she still waits for him. I remember in some chinese phrases saying "Things that you can't get is always the most beautiful."(Maybe bad translation) Being away might make them like each other more.
This just reminds me of Jinyong's novel "The legend of Condor hero" and "The heaven sword and Dragon sabre." In "the heaven sword and dragon sabre," the main character choice the last girl that he met and that girl is kind of similar to Nishino (like to tease the main character and help the main character) and also a Princess of the Yuan dynasty (Like toujou's story). But in that story, i really want the main character to choose the first girl (a normal boatman's daughter) he met during his teen (Like a childhood friend in Toujou's story too). However, the author change that first girl to evil in the middle of the story. Otherwise I guess that story would make many reader think that the first girl should be with the main character like Ichi100%. But at least everyone in the story got a happy ending.

In Ichigo 100%, I guess it is ok but I feel very sad for both Aya Toujou and Satsuki Kitaoji. It feels like the author left two girl waiting forever. But i am really happy Nishino waited for Manaka. Have to say it. There is a few part of the story where the author random show Nishino either wait for Manaka, thinking about Manaka or working hard because of Manaka. While Toujou is always close to Manaka but does not seems like there is any development for their part but kept on improving for Tsukasa. But Tsukasa is a very tricky girl too like that last girl character in "The Heaven sword and Dragon Saber".

What's similar to "the legend of condor hero" is that East Heretic, West Vemon, Sorth Emperior, North Beggar, and Central Divine. That direction thing is very similar too. LOLZ

Aya is very nice but in reality, i would feel that Nishino love manaka more. Plus Aya really never said anything. I don't think it would be obvious in reality to think that she like him. Chinese quote "When you are in the circle, you can't see what is going on around you. However, the people outside of the circle see that it is obvious."
Aya did something at 1st when she had a friend talking I think it was yui she mentioned "is it okay to love someone who has a girlfriend?" well she said it clearly while manaka was eavesdropping the the whole time he realized that the person she was referring to was him coz' he's d only guy aya gets along with that time & at that time nishino dumped manaka-kun . It's just the misunderstanding at the festival that she said that she had someone with going to the event called "love sanctuary". thus the result decided half-heartedly chose nishino because he thought that toujou has a boyfriend & It was ok for him to date nishino again since she has a boyfriend already.. But that really wasn't the guy manaka was expecting instead it turned out to be her brother not her boyfriend thus when they met with toujou manaka-kun didn't hold nishino's hand & feeling relieved that the guy wasn't toujou's boyfriend..

Aya did nothing? Manaka's at fault he was too stupid to concern bout others feeling & treated them equally like they were toys to be picked whose better to play with.

I say manaka's just too naive not to realize aya's feeling for him..

I'm sorry if I had offended nishino-fans the ending was not most ppl would want to happen I just finished reading the whole series today well correct me if i'm wrong I just read the series for 2 days

& I think Aya's most deserving girl than nishino regardless on how their life is going to be I'm sure he'd b happy with aya