Author Topic: I got the different files on #Yanime irc channel from what was stated in news  (Read 2314 times)

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I was finally able to learn how to download files through mIrc but when I requested for the files to download, using the same numbers as I was instructed to follow from the Yanime news about releases.

When I typed the /msg Foojin xdcc send #112 on #yanime, I got a different file instead of  the Gakuen Heaven chapter 24. The file was called "

I also typed the other files' numbers I copied from the Yanime homepage and I got different files instead of those files which were claimed to be associated with the numbers.

What is wrong with #yanime @

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There's nothing wrong, they probably just reorganized the packs recently.  Download pack #1 on the foojin bot (/msg Foojin xdcc send #1), and it will give you a text file that shows the pack number for every manga that is on that bot.  Hope that helps.