Author Topic: lol bad start?  (Read 1611 times)

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lol bad start?
« on: September 06, 2006, 07:22:24 PM »
lol for most of you anime lovers, you may know me from the Ichigo 100% forums.... well..i just want to say im sorry if i seemed like a naggy kind of guy.. but do understand, i was going insane looking for Ichigo 100% manga. has up to chapter 58, and after that i had to look for everything by myself, so when i found i was so happy.. downloaded Volume 1 and 2....and then after that, the servers messed up...Well..that's my story on why i seemed naggy anyway.. so sorry if i was being annoying...and yea...

Well, im Asphedus, and...yeah....believe it or not, im shy....i like anime, and..stuff...and the only thing i know how to do well on a computer is type...yes..when it comes to searching on the web....or..... making pictures with adobe photoshop...its a complete disaster. I like to play video games like World of Warcraft and such. I also like car games..because..i am a car fanatic..(a bit), i like to surf for videos and stuff...yeah...go me... well anyway..other than years grade 10....and...  boring :P and...nice to meet you all...

P.S. sorry for double posting on the ichigo 100% forums by asking when it'll be done..really didn't mean to :P..and yea..

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Re: lol bad start?
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2006, 08:28:24 PM »
well. i havent been on this forum in ages and this is the third post i've just read so even if the rest of the world hates you, don't worry i dont... yet.

but yeah. welcome ^.^