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Hard to find a download...
« on: October 16, 2006, 05:59:13 PM »
Hey everyone,

I've been meaning to catch up on GH specifically chap 9 - 20 but I've had one heck of a time trying to download these chapters.

First -  the direct links on the webpage seemed to be down when I tried them last night, this morning and just now.

second - the xdcc list that foojin has only has chapter 21 of GH (#15 on the list btw). I tried to get the xdcc list for [manga]bot but the website it led me to was a dead end (

And so I've tried using the Fserve on IRC.  I still consider myself a noob but I can find my way thru all the files and use the "get" commands to download a file assuming that the FSERVE opens up correctly.  The problem I'm having here is that a lot of the FSERVEs only display a "-> {name of the FSERVE}" and don't open up anything else.  In fact only 1 opened a pop up and connected but didn't have any GH  :'(  I've spent some time chatting with people in the Yanime channel but no one could tell me anything that would get the FSERVEs going.

Long story short, I'm going to need a bit of help for this one.  Could someone please tell me what is wrong with my IRC setup that isn't allowing FSERVEs to work. 

Or let me know of a way to get the GH chapters thru direct download, bittorrent or xdcc.

Thanks so much.

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Re: Hard to find a download...
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