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stupidest ending ever.
plot-twists are nice but this one is way too big.
it destroyed the integrity of the manga.

when i read manga, i seek enjoyment. i do not seek depression or conflict. ichigo was doing very well until junpei finally chose tsukasa.

i cant help but feel sorry for aya. what has tsukasa done for junpei in middle school? she silently cheered for him once when he had to run penalty laps. once. and that's it for all the favours.

what has aya done? where should i begin. she helped him with his studies...she is the only reason he made it to high school. although she was busy herself with her own work, she COPIED OUT THE MATH notes for him, by hand...BY HAND DAMNIT. on top of that, she always let him read her novels FIRST. in aya's eyes, junpei was the only guy that she would trust.

aya and junpei share similar interests...they love the arts and they can cooperate, with aya as the novelist/scriptwriter, and junpei as the visual effects designer. the movies they have created are a product of their love.

what did tsukasa do? she lured him to her bed...twice...sure, she delivered cake to him, but aya also did the same things so that argument is in the trash. tsukasa and junpei never did work together to make anything. they also broke up twice. isnt that a bad sign? consecutive breakups never strengthen the relationship...

aya was willing to follow junpei to any university of his choice (given his grades...a bad university), even though her smarts could have landed her into a WAY BETTER university...

whereas tsukasa clearly states that she will study in paris for 4 years...

in other words, aya loved junpei so much that she would throw away her future for him...whereas tsukasa leaves and expects junpei to wait for four damn years. sure, many people will say that distance doesnt affect true love, but let's be realistic. even if you were cut off from computer for four years, wont you have been hurt? and it isnt even a computer we are talking about. we are talking about a girl who deeply loves you.

and now this manga is screwed. tsukasa wins. so the moral of the story is... the girl that you accidentally confess to (because you mistook her for someone else...for someone who you really love)...and break up twice with... will be your wife.

oh man that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard.

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I'm locking this. there's already a thread discussing this topic. also, the lack of a spoiler tag already earned you minus points.  please read the rules before posting any further.
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