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« on: July 01, 2005, 12:07:28 PM »
       Ever since I spent a week of boredom, I have decided to make sure that no one would ever feel that pain ever again!! (gee aren't I thoughtful?) Anyways, this is basically going to be a suggestion thread for many different mangas. Whenever you're about to download a completely new manga, aren't you apprehensive..."what if it sucks? I'll waste my time" So I decided to be a scout of sorts and watch out for any respectable mangas that come out and post them here in this first post.

Please don't suggest any commonly known mangas like Naruto and such.

Some mangas to look out for...

1. (T-Aya227) Midori no Hibi-A nice little story about Sawamura Seji a so-called delinquent who can't get a girl. One day a gril who has a crush on him, but is to afraid to confess turns up...ON HIS RIGHT HAND!!!!...this manga chronicles their time together...funny, nice and a time killer.

2. (T-Aya227) Video Girl AI-Similar to I's in pretty much every aspect...a pretty old manga but still good. It's about Youta Moteuchi who is "dateless" and desperate for a girlfriend. One day, a mysterious shop appears before him and he rents a video. The video contains a video girl who's only purpose is to serve her owner and to make him happy. So Youta meets his video girl, AI, and his life changes radically. Good read! (note: not sure if a lot of people know about this one but just in case.)

3. (T-Aya227) Girls Sauras-I'm not sure about specifics but it's about a guy who was traumatized in the past by a girl who beat him up, and now he's afraid of girls period until he meets the girl from the past that had beat him up...ohhhh....

Total: 3

(NOTE: all of the suggestions are available for download, can't tell you where, search for it, just in case they are licensed or such. However, if I can find them then so can you. If you are 100 percent sure that the manga is not licensed then give the link by all means! :) Also, if there are any suggestions for the format of this thread, please tell me!)

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Thank you!
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