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What could have been. . .
« on: June 24, 2005, 07:38:56 PM »
I just finished watching episode 41 of Gundam Seed and am kind of pissed off.  The whole Kira/Cagalli siblings thing just seemed to be pointless to add into the series except that it made these two pairings possible : Cagalli/Athrun and Kira/Lacus. I don't even need to watch the rest of the episodes to figure this out. 

I don't really have a problem with either of those pairings but I think that if they weren't related, then Kira/Cagalli would have occured.  Looking back on most of the episodes, there were LOTS of hints of this pairing and it actually seemed like it would happen.  Personally it also was my favourite pairing in the series.

I also would have liked to see what would have happened with what I saw as a love triangle between Kira/Cagalli/Athrun. That I think would have been interesting to see.