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Korean/horror again ^^;

The film centers around Yujin,who has transferred schools. By chanting an evil spell of death, "Bunshinsaba," and scribbling on an "Ouija" board with a pen, she is able to curse her enemies and cause the spellbound to die one after another. Meanwhile, fine arts teacher Eunju   also transferred schools, and is endowed with a special ability to see the ghost of Insuk,a dead female student. Eunju moreover finds that the death of Insuk is by no means irrelevant to her own life. "Bunshinsaba" has been one of the most familiar incantations among schoolgirls of Korea but, as a taboo, has hardly been dealt with in a movie.

Seriously one of the scariest movies iv'e watched in a long time. <3

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Re: Bunshinsaba
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I don't really like Korean horror films. It's all right, nothing more.
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