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I just got this one yesterday night,watched about less that half and then stopped [^_^; too sleepy and i got kinda] Anyone watched it before?

R-Point [Romeo-Point] here's a brief summary:

Director Kong Soo-chang, delves into the innermost psyche of soldiers who have to fight for their lives in the face of inexplicable threats and horror on a remote battlefield in Vietnam in 1972.

First Lieutenant Choi Tae-in (Kam Woo-sung) is living an eventless life after surviving a particularly gruesome battle, with the prolonged war nearing its end in the Southeast Asian country.

Choi is expecting to return home, but then his departure is refused because of an unfortunate accident. Instead, his superiors assign him to a secret mission to find out what happened to 18 Korean soldiers who disappeared six months earlier in an area called "Romeo Point," or R-Point. What's strange is that the missing soldiers seem to be alive, since headquarters has received intermittent calls for rescue.

Choi and eight other soldiers head for R-Point to gather evidence about whether the soldiers are alive or not - and to get to the bottom of the weird phenomena. Awaiting this group of brave soldiers, however, is an ominous sign at the entrance to R-Point: "Those who have blood on their hands will never get out of this place."

As the seven-day operation begins, the soldiers get killed mysteriously, one after another. A sweeping sense of isolation and horror shrouds the area and those unfortunate soldiers who have to stay there, regardless of their wishes to return to Korea and their families.

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Re: R-Point
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Yeah... it's okay.
Forget drugs and alcohol... I am now very, very mellow.


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I didn't finish it yet.. ^^;