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Ragnorak online- FOR FREE!
« on: June 22, 2005, 12:52:10 PM »
its simple really just go here
to find an advanced server with the most jobs... most are full
2) then down load the two files that mostly each site has there the korean versions (MAKE SURE THE SITE HAS LEGIT PROXYS!!)
3) Then on the site it shoud have an update that makes every thing english.

yes this is legal unless the site has non-legit proxys. i cannot stress this enough use the Freya emulator not the aegis or you could face up to 20,000$ in fines and/or at least 2 years in prison.

i play at my grammas lvl 120 assassin!(Btw- each server has diff lvl caps and npcs and job classes.) this will not work for mac... (Which i currently own but not after i buy my new lapto the sattelite p35!
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Re: Ragnorak online- FOR FREE!
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2005, 05:32:49 PM »
i think this was posted here a while ago. oh well, it doesn't matter, since nobody plays Ragnorak anymore  :P