Author Topic: Gundam Seed Destiny-Episode Discussion Thread(Spoilers)  (Read 124104 times)

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Re: Gundam Seed Destiny-Episode Discussion Thread(Spoilers)
« Reply #480 on: November 09, 2006, 08:56:35 AM »
Destiny had so many plot mistakes its not even funny. It was still enjoyable to an extent but it really needs some work. Maybe an a-bomb dropped on it and remade from scratch?

Rehashing old work was the most disappointing. I ain't talking about taking from old series like Gundam Wing or something, I am talking about the fact that they pretty much copied word for word from Gundam Seed. All they did was change the names in places. Pretty disappointing.

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Re: Gundam Seed Destiny-Episode Discussion Thread(Spoilers)
« Reply #481 on: July 17, 2007, 02:07:55 PM »
jep i agree but i still found it amusing (srry i haven't watched the classics yet)
so..who will it be. Athrun and Cagalli or Athrun and Meyrin. I really need to know!!!

That was probably one of the most underdeveloped plot points in Destiny. This means they don't care, so it probably doesn't even matter. That's one of the things that was pissing me off the most watching Destiny.

I would like to know that also i mean Cagalli X Athrun wuz my fav couple i really would like to know where that ended (cause she wasn't wearing the ring in the end etz.)

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