Author Topic: The Rasmus- album Dead Letters  (Read 1716 times)


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The Rasmus- album Dead Letters
« on: May 05, 2005, 01:35:53 PM »
This Band is really good
edit- there starting to suck
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Re: The Rasmus- album Dead Letters
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2005, 11:52:40 AM »
Well the band is from my home country (Finland) so I have to post on this one.
I think that older the band gets the better music gets too. If u get your hands on older Rasmus
only good song is probably "Liquid" unfortunately cant remember the year that was pubished but worth of listening anyway. after that there were couple quiet years that they didnt come any songs but they changed their name to "The Rasmus" (cuz in sweden there were already band named Rasmus) and made a so called come back with album "Into". The year was 2001 if i remember correctly, there were some good stuff like F-F-Fallig which were huge hit in Nordic.
Nowadays band has going pretty well with "Dead Letters and Hide From the sun" album and I hope that they keep the good work up. Personally I dont like the music that much but you should check "Apocalyptica - Bittersweet feat. Ville Valo & Lauri Ylönen. In case you didnt know Lauri Ylönen is vocal of The rasmus. puuh what a post  :P
The Wall Keeper, pls Mind if I cover the crappy first post with this, althought this isnt that good either. ;) lots of typos etc. but I´m too tired to fix em all.  ;D AND on top of that this post didnt tell anything special in Dead Letters album, cuz honestly I think nothing bout it just got inspiration to write stuff.
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