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« on: February 24, 2005, 08:40:58 PM »
I am going to start a RPG about .hack//Yanime (which means .hack//sign in the Yanime server) ok here is how to start....also, only enter the character info when you first post but when you already posted you only have to enter the login stuff

WEAPON: long red Tetsuiga
SPECIES: human/ninja
APPERANCE: Black ninja outfit (like RYU from "ninja gaiden" for the Xbox) with a metal plate on the head peice and wheres a long red scarf with his tetsuiga on his back
ATTITUDE: usually calm, only is serious when he needs to be and always helps someone in dire need of assistance he also likes to make friends with anyone that would like to be his friend
DESCRIPTION: he is a hired assassin who used to be a mercenary and his current data is that he is looking for a hacker that has been messing with the portal areas...he is also an Admin (Administrator)

LOGIN: _crappy overly long series__FLCL_Wolfs Rain
ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD( If administrator ):******

>atempting to login<
>login accepted<
>conecting to YS server<

Welcome have no new messages....ADD.....Destroy legendary monsters and gain 20 level up boosts....ADD....

" new info on the hacker...i guess ill just walk around the city and see what i can do"
*after a while he sits down on a bench and thinks*
"man...i dont know what to do...o well ill just sit here and rest for a while"
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