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Re: 101 questions!
« Reply #30 on: February 15, 2005, 07:04:51 PM »
Okay, here's one from my friend ^^

1) Starting time: 9:41

2) Name: Heather

3) Nickname(s): x.x none that I like..

4) Eye color: boring brown

5) Hair color: boring brown

7) Height: 5'3"

8 ) Siblings: a brother

10) Ever cheated or been cheated on: not that I know of

11) Ever missed school because it was raining: Nah

12) Ever faked sick: Yes

13) Kept a secret from anyone: Yes

14) Had an imaginary friend: Yes >.>

15) Wanted to hook up with a guy/girl friend? Yup

16) Ever cried during a flick? >.> yeah, first time I cried during a movie was The Lion King

17) Ever thought of animated characters as hot? Yeah x.x

19) Drink: Mint Milkshake

20) Food: Too close to call.

21) Restaurant: 99s, maybe… or Koto

22) Shampoo: Bumble and Bumble: curl conscious.. cause my hair has special needs x.x

23) Color: blue and purple

24) Summer/Winter?: Summer

25) Favorite TV show: The Price is Right!! Hehe >.> I'ma be on that show someday

26) Lace, Silk, Or Satin?: silk all the way

27) Like anyone?: mhmm!

28) Who have you known the longest out of your friends?: Allison, since the ripe old age of 2

29) Who's the shyest friend: errh, I'm the least likely to approach someone I don't know, but once I get talking you can't make me stop

30) When is your b-day: March 20, 1988

31) Who do you go to for advice: eh, pals, which one depends on the situation

32) Who do you get along with?: Most everybody, save a select few


33) Um that I can remeber: …is that English?

34) Been mean: Oh yes.

35) Listened to your Favorite band?: Probably

36) Been sarcastic?: of course

37) Been yelled at?: Yup yup

38) talked to your crush?: errh, boyfriend, same thing? yes

39) Kissed someone?: nope..

40) Hugged someone?: uhh huh, mom >.>

41) Won an award?:  nope

42) Wished upon a star?: lol x.x sorta

43) Laughed until you've cried: uhh huh >.>

44) Played Truth or Dare:  Nah

45) Watched a sunrise/sunset: nope

47) Had too much homework: not really, thank God for study halls

48) Eaten anything out of the ordinary?: nope, I'm boring

49) Are you lonely?: meh, at night, yeah

50) Are you happy: usually, except when I'm lonely

51.) Are you talking to someone online?: uhh huh

-----------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------

52) God/Devil: Eh, someone/thing had to make us.. not sure about the devil

53) Love at first sight: Nah.

54) The Closet Monster:  hehe, nope.

56) Heaven/hell: Heaven, yes, hell, no

57) Superstitions:  only when I'm nervous

58) Half empty or half full: Half full


59) Who named you?: Mom, dad wanted Rosetta x.x

60) Favorite saying:  oh jeez.. there are so many.. today's motto: "don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow"

61) When was the last time you showered?: 3:30

62) What is the last thing you said online?: "naw"

64) What is your computer desk made of?: whats that stuff called.. particle board, I think, with cheesy wood finish =/

65) What was the last thing that you did before getting on the computer: Dinner

66)Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?: I dunno, someplace warm

67) Where do you want your wedding? Location isn't as important as the person =/

69) How's the weather?: like 40, practically tropical

70) What did you do last night?: Sleep, worry, read, talk online.

71) What do you find most attractive about the opposite sex?: I dunno!  Personality..? sounds cheesy, but if the guys a jerk then he's not worth it.

72) How do YOU eat an Oreo?: twist it apart, eat the half with the least frosting on it first

73) All time Favorite TV shows: I dunno, I've got a muppet fettish..

74) Dream vehicle?: mini cooper!!!

75) How often do you go to movies? About once a month

76) Favorite music?: I dunno, I listen to everything but rap =/

77) Favorite band?: Depends on my mood.

78) How many kids do you want to have?: Two.

79) Something you just don't get at all: Chem x.x

81) Favorite animal?: armadillo!

82) Brand of clothing: ehh.. I don't know, brands don't matter to me, gap pants fit me best =/

83) If you could change your name, what would it be?: errh.. Zephyr!  It's exotic

84) Favorite hobby: yeah, computer >.> I'ma loser

85) The stupidest thing you ever done?:  there was that time me and Allison spent hours trying to magic horses out of posters with a toy wand and spells from the harry potter books..

86) First Son's name: eh, I dunno.

87) Husband/Wife name?: Bryant *blush*

88) First daughter's name: again, no idea.  I'd never name them the names I tell people I'll name 'em =/ that'd be cruel and unual

89) Do you collect anything: not anymore

90) Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: yup

91) On the phone or in person?: o.o people have boyfriends over the phone?! What a strange world.

92) Lust or Love: love to the maxxxx

93) If you could change something about yourself: eh, I'd get less jealous and be able to just chill with what I've got.

94) What time was intermission?: erh, I dunno?

96) Who sent this to you?: Brybry

97) What do you think of this person?: I love him more than anything in the whole wide world.

98) Your Favorite song?:  Eh, right now?  I dunno, barenaked ladies is playing.

99) Anything you want to say to everyone?: aloha?

100) Do you want your friends to do this survey?: They don't have the attention span >.>

101) End time? 10:00 on the nose. W00t.
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