Author Topic: Have you hugged your fan subber/scanlator today?  (Read 1453 times)

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Have you hugged your fan subber/scanlator today?
« on: October 20, 2004, 03:53:40 AM »
Here is my message to anyone who translates/subs anything and gives it away for free.

It seams to me that there are too many people who only want to complain.  I am not one of them so this letter is a pat on the back.  Whether you want it, need it or even care, thank you for your hard unpaying thankless work. 

You the people, who have worked so hard with so little for so long are now qualified to do anything with nothing. But not for nothing.  Here is my letter to you as support, I don't read or watch everything that you release but what I do read and watch I appreciate for what it is.  FREE!  Give yourselves a chocolate milkshake and think about this when you suck it down...

Though your work is hard, though the pay is little, when you do what you do for the benefit of others, no matter how unappreciative they may be, there will always be someone who is glad that you did it.
While you're at it, give yourselves a pat on the back, a Kanpai, and take this Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita from all of me, to all of you.
Pin it on the wall if you ever forget why you're working so hard.
^___^ ;D

Thank you,
Grin (Mitsukago)

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