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Phantom Brave
« on: September 03, 2004, 12:32:11 PM »
i just bought this game and í feel a bit disappointed. it was made by the same people that made disgaea which is the reason i bought La Pucelle and now this game but i have to say i didnt like La Pucelle too much and i fear this game is headed in the same direction. so far the biggest disappointment for me is that this game as well as La Pucelle has none of the wit and humor of Disgaea. yes i know i shouldnt be comparing but its just hard not to. also i think that the use of the 2d animation was a mistake, i thought so in La Pucelle also. I had no problem with the still shots of the different characters because theyre much more detailed pictures but maybe i'm just being picky.

i must say THANK GOD all of these games have the option of choosing japanese voices.

so now that my problems with story and art are out of the way i guess i should talk about gameplay. i have to admit that the gameplay is kinda cool. i really like the idea of taking the surrounding objects and using them as weapons for special attacks and whatnot. also i believe there are team attacks reminiscent of chrono trigger where you gain experience each time the team skill is used (i havent gotten to this point yet). so i guess theres no problem there.

honestly though i think what made disgaea special was the great script and phantom brave just doesnt seem to cut it in that area. ive played for about 3 hours yesterday and 3 hours the day before and then i just get tired of it. whereas with disgaea i hammered in about 15 hours in the first two days. i guess all in all it''s a worthwhile game to play but to me its not a game im willing to spend 50 bucks on.