Author Topic: Hey, Waya, thanks for locking the thread  (Read 1604 times)

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Hey, Waya, thanks for locking the thread
« on: August 19, 2004, 09:30:09 AM »

I'll paste my reply.
AnimeLover19, it is my pleasure to tell you that you are an idiot :)

WTF????  You fucking jackass.... You don't know her, and you have no right to judge her by her opinions in this thread...I can't believe you'd say something so blatantly disrespectful and untrue about someone you don't even KNOW....Why the hell would you say such a thing about her, when she hasn't said a damn thing about you?   >:(

Amievel, I don't know you....But I do know that you are an inconsiderate asshole....What's the problem, you don't have any decent opinions of your own, so you need to criticize other people's?  You deserve a swift kick in the ass.....And then another.....And then a few more..... >:(

Why can't I judge her by her opinions in this thread? I didn't make her post those incessant, retarded posts of hers, I merely recognized them. What I don't know? I know that she's a hypocrite, and that she's a dumb bitch.

Whoa, slow down there tiger. You certainly saw through me. Your Psychology 101 knowledge has certainly kicked me in the ass:(

Whaooooow...I feel SOOOO Offended. Is that all you little jackasses got? Come on, give me your best shot! Like I'd give a crap what you people think about me, you're not worth my time...OR anyone's time, unless they're like YOU. I feel sorry for your poor poor fools. Come on? keep on posting stuff like this to me, it's REEEEALLY hurting my feelings...Whaaaa...I'm going to cry to my mommy........ HA! In your F*****G DREAMS!
LMAO <-----(AT ALL YOUR ASSES)! Let's see all the hate you people have towards me, cuz it seems that so many of you do. I won't name any, YOU people know who you are. (sits back and observes...while eating chips and drinking Pepsi)
P.S. And Thank you Tonyf9685 for defending me, I REALLY appreciate it. You're the BEST! Luv Ya! =^_~=

Oh, she called me a jackass.

Shit, now she's taunting me.

Oh, whatever I say won't affect her or anything, except maybe blabbering like a dumb bitch for every post she makes on the forum.

Goddamnit, she now no longer cares for what I have to say except she's replying to every single person's post INCLUDING those not attacking her. Goddamn.

Oh, now she pities me. Thanks, bitch :)

I was hurting her feelings...IN MY F****** DREAMS!!!!
Good thing you censored the word "FUCKING" in your last post. I would've been so offended otherwise, because everyone knows that it's the combination of letters and not the meaning that offends people.

Ruh roh, now she's laughing at me...with her ass off. :(

Uh...she's staring at me? I wonder why...why's she eating chips and drinking Pepsi? She's already fat enough as it is...:(

Okay, I give up AnimeLover19, you're way too smart for me
Shut the fuck up.


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Re:Hey, Waya, thanks for locking the thread
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2004, 09:34:02 AM »
Ami....that crossed the line I think =/.  I won't ban you because you are staff but....*locked*

Do this through PM or something >_>  I don't want to have to regulate it.
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