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Title: Kidou Senshi Gunda AGE
Post by: Kite on October 17, 2011, 06:47:13 AM
So new season and new gundam, i know pretty much all of you knows the plot summary already so no need to fill you in there, its gundam so just expect Teens or kids piloting sophisticated mechs so lets leave it at that.

so i watched ep1 of AGE, its not bad but i dont know why but  in my mind it just wont register as GUNDAM, i know theres a giant mech there that all of us know but it just doesnt feel like gundam to me, at best i felt like i was watching Inazuma Eleven crossed with Zoids, prolly coz of the art style since the art style is pretty fresh and something i havent seen in any Gundam Series so far.

We have another charcter that has a reason to fight enemies not like the others like Heero(until the suicide incident), Kira and Setsuna on the Season 1 of 00 though i really hope Flit doesnt end up being a Gundam-Otaku like Setsuna in season 1, one gundam crazed pilot is enough.

Character Designs are all pretty much aimed for kids so im not expecting some boobie distraction from this series, Flits suit makes him look like hes X from Megaman X

Mech Designs, AGE Gundam looks like 0 Gundam from 00 with the Chest part from Quantum Gundam what i dont get is why does it have something like a Car Wing on its back???
UE Suits looks like Humanoid versions of the Ba Cue(w/e that dog thing in SeeD was)

so far cant say much bout the series except that its a pretty new experience on watching Gundam, though i gotta say i wish they stop doing things like letting a Civilian Pilot a sophisticated piece of machinery, i mean "His Determination is Real" isnt a good excuse to let a kid with no prior military training whatsoever to go out into the battle field and hope that some kind of miracle happens and the kid remains unscratched even if he is the one who designed the said mobile suit, Pilots and Researchers are different breeds (--,)

so far theres only 2 acceptable Main Character pilots being Heero Yuy and Setsuna F Seiei since both of them had trainings already before the start of the series

anyway hoping the story becomes more deep and good, though i have much expectation since this is from the guys that did Inazuma Eleven and Dark Cloud.

so what did you guys think of the new Gundam Series???
Title: Re: Kidou Senshi Gunda AGE
Post by: Asian_InvAsian on November 03, 2011, 04:24:12 AM
I've been hearing nothing but unfavorable reviews about AGE and I was never a die-hard Gundam fan to begin with so I'll pass on this one.