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Title: The World God Only Knows
Post by: Asian_InvAsian on April 13, 2011, 08:26:52 PM
I didn't see a thread for this so I'll just make one right now.

My thoughts on this manga... It's extremely good! Right now, this is my favourite of the continuing series that I read. I love the concept of how he has to make girls fall in love with him and I find it quite an enjoying title to read with very balanced amounts of comedy and romance.
The art is also quite good - among the best that I've ever seen! Besides the originality of the plot, I think what captures me is the diversity and uniqueness of the characters. From Keima, the otamegane of the class who knows nothing of love/girls outside of the games he plays, Elsie, the Klutzy devil/partner who has a weird fascination with fire trucks, and the various heroines that Keima must "conquer" in order to capture the spirits that reside within them, which ultimately requires Keima to capture their hearts in the process.
Each heroine has her own unique personalities, and while most of them fall under their own archetypes, the way the mangaka portrays each heroine is without a doubt one of the best features about this manga.
The popularity of the manga inevitably resulted in the anime adaptation of not one, but two seasons and possibly further sequels to come.

And as for my favourite heroine? Well I have a few...Ayumi Takahara, Kanon Nakagawa, Shiori Shiomiya, Jun Nagase and Sumire Uemoto.
After reading 130+ chapters from first to current, I can say that Keima's growth as the main character is something to be examined with some more detail. When comparing Keima from the first chapter and the Keima in the current chapter, one would instantly notice some extraordinary changes. Although he insists that he feels nothing for "3D Girls", during the course of the manga and many successful captures later, one can only wonder if this still holds true. First of all, Keima does show some emotion when some of the girls that he had captured don't remember him, and while he brushes this off in a nonchalant attitude - he obviously has some complex emotion hidden away behind his calm demeanour.
"Love" is a hard word to define...for me I think that love requires both parties to reciprocate their feelings for each other - It can't be wholly one sided. So even though this manga is about Keima trying to make girls fall in him, I believe it is the other way around and that the deeper meaning in this story is that Keima also falls in love with all of the girls that he had conquered. Therefore during his many conquests, Keima inadvertently opens up his heart to the other and bit by bit changes during the course of the story.

And even though the heroines are supposed to completely forget about Keima, it is shown that they still remember slight traces of the time that they spent together - A time when they fell in love with him. This proves how strong the power of love can be, and even though they might have forgotten their memories of him, a piece of that time is still embedded deep in their hearts. This ultimately allows the heroines to "change" as each heroine had a flaw, or gap in their heart that was broken until it was mended by Keima - Ayumi wins the track race, Shiori can now speak for herself and Kanon no longer has her securities of being invisible.

Truly a first-rate manga, I would highly recommend this to anyone in the mood for a romantic comedy title.

My Score: 10/10
Title: Re: The World God Only Knows
Post by: Aoshi101 on April 13, 2011, 08:36:29 PM
Funny, Manga-Pulse just reviewed this a couple weeks ago and gave it a pretty poor rating. Not that I follow what people say, just funny to hear two totally different reviews in a span of a couple weeks.
Title: Re: The World God Only Knows
Post by: Asian_InvAsian on April 14, 2011, 12:26:24 AM
Well different people have different likes/dislikes, I personally like this manga but that's just me...What about you Aoshi, have you read TWGOK?
Title: Re: The World God Only Knows
Post by: Kite on April 14, 2011, 07:38:55 AM
Its a Fairly Good manga to read, it might not be everyones cup of tea but everyone here has played a Galge now and then and have had a generic Girl they liked well its TWOGK is like that except keima is doing the game and not you the reader, so theres a girl for everyone in this manga and i mean that literally.

Story setting so End of the World thing happens and Keima needs to save the world by Capturing the heart of Girls(ive heard i this kind of plot somewhere in a game once) at first it looks simple but every route for each girl is pretty well thought out, keima uses intricate Routes that he learned from games to catch each girl(most of them can actually work in real life but dont count on it being 100%) like for the Reverse Trap route: Jun was it? he needed Jun to do the catching instead of him also with the Kanon route which i found quite Funny in the Anime adaptation, each girl has a problem, keima has to find out what the problem first then think of a way to fix that problem so each Girl route takes a bit of a chapter to finish id like to talk more bout the other capture but that would just be spoiling it.

Though with the new addition of Goddesses it changed a bit, i dont know if i really like the whole new twist to the story since it kinda left me confused out for a little while but i guess thats just me.

Story is 8/10

Art is fairly good, everyone looks Cute and Likable, the only thing that Bothered me to no end was That Ghost Girl Route, that little Girl was CREEPY to no end when i read that chapter,

my fave Character art would prolly be Keimas mom when she has her hair Down, the Substitute Teacher that likes wrestling and Haqua, also i like the artworks when Keima is doing the Final capture for a girl(after when he says "I can see the Ending"), they just boost his pheromones to 10X during those times.

The anime has that cute Chibi- Elsee from time to time so watch that too.

Art is 9/10
Favorite girl hmm i cant think of anyone besides Keimas mom.

i mean all the girls are likable but almost all of them are fairly Generic girls some with some major Personality Problems (with Kanon Shocking anyone that doesnt recognize her, Jun Wanting to be more manly and want keima to be her wife, that ramen girl thats obsessed with making the best ramen, the shogi girl that wants to beat diana, etc etc)

You can watch the anime too, they do 4 girls each season though i kinda wish they did it 24 like To Aru.
the anime doesnt stray much from the manga and it has a few notable scenes too, like in Shioris Route the kissing scene there was pretty memorable.

though if theyre doing 4girls each season this anime will prolly stay for a while.

id say the both Manga and Anime is both fairly likable its a 9/10 for me

Title: Re: The World God Only Knows
Post by: Aoshi101 on April 14, 2011, 05:09:46 PM
What about you Aoshi, have you read TWGOK?

Nah, I wanted to watch the anime, but I have a back-log of anime I need to watch. Currently I've been working through Urusei Yatsura and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I'll get around to it eventually.
Title: Re: The World God Only Knows
Post by: Asian_InvAsian on April 16, 2011, 08:23:17 PM
Yeah I Know how you feel, I'm also in the same same position. It seems each season goes by so fast and before you know it, you have an entire list of backlogged anime to watch while new anime just keeps on getting released. It's hard to keep track... :-X

EDIT: Oh and I just finished reading the latest chapter of TWGOK and it was pretty cool. I didn't really like Yui all that much tbh, but I do like Shiori. Now only one Goddess is left, I'm personally hoping it's Ayumi.