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Title: Five MKR pictures
Post by: thewindknight on April 18, 2007, 04:41:00 PM
Ya'll shoulda known this was comming.  <3  There's five.  If you cant count from the title, from my favorite to my least favorite

Ferio is a very sexy man

I spent HOURS on this one.  Mostly on trying to get the shading right, along with some good time on his eyes.  It's the best fanart I've ever done!

Happiness Cannot Be Made Alone

This was made the same day, around midnight, after i i finished the first.  It was depressing how badly i wanted this one to come out, and how it didnt.  Fuu's blush still annoies me

All You Need Is Love
SONG PICTURE!  Yeah, that's one of the themes to MKR, and my personal favorite.  It was for a contest.  And Her head's kinda big.

This one just looks strange...
Did that this summer.  Looks like crap.

I tried something new for this one... did it work?  I don't know...
I didnt know what would happen if i tried to turn fuu into a different style... so i did what i wanted with it and said screw what they think!

And on a completely different note (haha, there's six)
This was drawn before the Mokohiism era.  and before I knew haruhi

How is Mokona God?
Yup. That was my ID for a good two months or so.  I wish i was that thin... ::)