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Title: who said this? ***spoiler***
Post by: Udon on July 31, 2006, 07:19:45 PM
i'm just kind of curious who said the phrase about izumisaka combo.

Title: Ichigo 100% Volume 19/ Yanime staff. ***Possible spoiler***
Post by: Callin on August 13, 2006, 04:42:15 PM
Hey sorry if you guys are annoyed by this post but i really need a reply on this. Everyone on these forums seem to have read Volume 19 of Ichigo 100%, but what im wondering is did you read the 19th volume on Yanime?? Because i looked at it and it only goes up to volume 18 for download. Hah i know its a stupid question cuz its still in "active projects" but i was just wondering where i can find an englsih version of Ichigo 100% Volume 19 cuz i NEEEEED to read the ending for myself. (even tho i know how it ends).

Now as relation to this topic thread, i originally didnt want manaka and nishino to end up together but satsuki eventually started to annoy me with her overly playful attitude and persuasive-ness, and toujou seems like the best fit for manaka theres no doubt about that but nishino is like a combo of Aya-chan and satsuki-chan because shes shy, but not always, playful in moderate amounts and shes smart and cares about manaka's dream. So all in all i like who manaka ends up with. Of course your all free to complain because everyone wants him to end up with a different girl. Lol.

And heres just what i think about Yanime, i think they do an amazing job and it really deserves to be adknowledged. I mean on top of dealing with their own lives they gave me and many others the oppurtunity to enjoy these great manga series, so im grateful for their hard work. I just wish they would let us know what month the next chapter for a series are comming out. Of course as posted by the staff its impossible to estimate when they will be done so i will wait paitiently. Thank you Yanime i plan to make donations when i get a credit card. **bow**

***NOTE***  If anyone could reply to me when the dates for each volume of ichigo 100% came out on Yanime that would be apriciated. And also please reply if you know when volume 19 comes out, or where to find a copy in english. Thank you, Arigato everyone.

If this posts violates any rules, please tell me ASAP because i read the rules carefully and check my post, but just incase let me know if i do break a rule, because i really DONT mean too! Sowwy.
Title: Re: who said this? ***spoiler***
Post by: dontcry on November 26, 2008, 08:15:28 AM
I think it is Toujou who said it, as they toast/ganpai.  Because of the "Is Toujou senpai drunk" .. and what happened before..
Title: Re: who said this? ***spoiler***
Post by: Kazenoken on November 26, 2008, 05:12:25 PM
@ callin try to google it and dont ask about liscensed manga here pm me if youd like
@ udon its aya
Title: Re: who said this? ***spoiler***
Post by: AyaToujo on March 04, 2009, 10:01:24 AM
Aya toujou said it.