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Title: The Anix
Post by: Beauty In A Bullet on April 25, 2006, 07:53:57 PM
I've been a fan of theirs since before I left here.. And they've done nothing but improved as the time passed. Though their lineup has changed, their sound hasn't.. This band is worth your time, at least one good listen.. They are the only band I know that gets on their message boards everyday, and interacts with their fans as if the fans were one of them, and that The Anix themselves weren't any better than the fans. Got to get some points, for not distancing themselves from their fans. Check them out at, and

Title: Re: The Anix
Post by: Beauty In A Bullet on May 06, 2006, 04:48:30 PM
I know i'm double posting, but given that its been more than three days since the last post (me), I figured it'd be okay..

Update: The Anix have reopened their website, with a new look. After a short period of 'whiteness' between the last look, and this, they have given us fans a new website look.

Personal Note: I know people are weary of checking them out, but seriously, is there really anything on the radio worth listening to, nowadays? Bands like The Anix who are more talented than these bands on the radio, are getting pushed down, because they aren't 'population' friendly with their sound, or the way they act.. The Anix writes their music, spends many long hours creating a song, editing a song, redoing a song, and promoting a song. They also spend time getting to know their fans. With every album, they get better and better, and with another album in the works, and in the process of getting ready for release sometime this year.. They still put on shows that has electricity, whereas bands nowadays, the bands are burned out, drunk, or worse.

Electronic Rock/Industrial Rock is a rising genre, and The Anix are at the front of it.. There are three songs on their media section that are more than worthy of a listen, and they are very entertaining, unlike the stuff on the radio. Help make this band, give them a listen, and share them with your friends.