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Title: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: Letdown on July 18, 2005, 09:59:05 AM
Anyone else read/watch this? I'm sure most of you have at least heard of it.

It's about a highschool kid named Kippei who ends up having to take care of his 5 year old cousin, Yuzuyu, after her mom (his aunt... get it, his cousin, her mom... aunt... yeah) leaves her behind for mysterious personal reasons. And of course there's the love story between the girl at school, Kokoro, and the inevitable relationship between Yuzuyu and Kokoro, etc etc.

Anyway the manga and the anime are excellent, and I highly recommend both of them. Definitely one of my favorite anime experiences of the summer.
Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: fynefilo on July 22, 2005, 05:59:22 AM
I've watched this anime and it's the best!! Definitely one of my favourite series. I've read the manga as well, after the anime. I think the manga was nicer but anime was still excellent. It's got a really nice story line.

I just loved Kokoro and Kippei together! They were so cool! And Yuzuyu is just the cutest!!

Only thing I didn't like (besides the not-so-great-animation) was that the anime series didn't have any closure, as in Yuzuyu's mother coming back. And I know that the manga was still running at the time so that's the reason why.
Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: Kaze101 on August 13, 2005, 05:06:00 AM
its a very touching series and i was totaly hooked :P. kippei is a joker lol! he tries to make onigiri for yuzuyu and it turns out to be some massive bulk of rice. wth is that about... even i could'vedone better lol.
Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: sLaVeGiRl911 on August 13, 2005, 08:36:59 PM
*sigh* what a great anime so far ^_^ (on episode 3. Just started 2 days ago.)
Thank goodness my bro saw this. Well I did, and he downloaded it for me becasue I forgot.
But yeah. He likes it alot becasue he can relate. Since he has a baby and he takes care of it. While he feels like his girlfreind is never doing anything at all  ::)
So he really likes it. And I like it ALOT too ^_^

Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: ForeverGoNe on August 13, 2005, 10:25:17 PM
Manga is a definite thriller.

Anime.... is a downer. Theres such a big gap in between these two... it's not funny.

Kippei x Kokoro forever!!!11
Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: sLaVeGiRl911 on August 17, 2005, 02:34:36 PM
Kokoro is so cool!!!
Man shes so...just COOL.
I definitly wanna check out the manga now ^_^
Yuzuyu is supa KAWAII!

Man the stalker girl is so SCARY looking. Seriously... I screamed when they showed her whole face....

And when Kokoro and Keipei come so save Yuzuyu and the bratty girl, they run so fast! :o Almost makes it seem like they're super heroes! <- again, ignore my randomeness ;D

I wish it was gonna be longer than 26 episdoes =T

Anyone know how many volumes??

Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: fynefilo on August 18, 2005, 12:11:01 AM
The manga is 7 volumes and was finished scanlated earlier this year by DragonVoice. You can get the whole series from their website. And the manga is really good. The anime isn't that bad, but still I reckon the manga is way better. Still a fantastic series.

Kokoro is like, the best man!! She owns all!!

Yeah, you should definetly check out the manga. But I recommend that you finish off the anime, and then read the manga first. Otherwise if you read the manga first, you'll be disappointed with anime.

sLaVeGiRl911-What episode are you up to now?
Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: Letdown on August 18, 2005, 09:19:14 AM
The anime doesn't do the Kokoro story even half as well as the manga, but I think it does great with the Yuzuyu part; except the ending of course. But everyone knows that mangas almost always end better than their anime counterparts. Then again, there were things in the anime that weren't in the manga that I thought were pretty cool.

Either way, I still recommend both. But, yeah, watching the anime first is probably a better way to go if you wanna appreciate it.
Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: sLaVeGiRl911 on August 19, 2005, 07:33:31 PM
Well, I hope to read it then... if only I could buy it... ;_;
Anyway... I will find a way *waves fist in wair*

Im on episode I think 8... but since we have a new BT my downloads are going pretty fast adn we were able to do 5 in one day  :o yes so I have 13 but havnt watched it yet =T But since its Friday is ANIME MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!! ^0^ W00T!!!!

Anyways, yes. I really REALLY ReAlLy rEaLlY reaLLY (and any other way you can spell it xD) LOVE this anime already. Just brings back memories of my neice and bro <3

Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: fynefilo on August 23, 2005, 05:47:48 AM
You don't have to buy the manga because it's already finished been scanlated and it's not even licensed. If it was I'd buy it because it's definetely one of my favourite series. You can download it from

When I was watching this series, I had already read up to the current scans from dragonvoice, which was ch 22 or so, and when I watched the opening theme, my first reaction was, "eww!!" Because I didn't like the art for that and I hoped that the whole thing wouldn't be like that. But now that I've watched it and seen some of the not-very-good artwork, I actually like the style of the opening theme. And I was super mad when they didn't do Kokoro's story properly, near the end. But I still really love this series.
Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: sLaVeGiRl911 on August 23, 2005, 08:53:00 PM
*sigh* shes so cool.

Whoa whoa. You're telling me that Kokoro has a better ending in the manga?! Ah, I love her! I wanna see it. I guess all I can do is d/l the manga then -_-. Mangas on the internet, AOL, and forums dont mix well.

Now I miss it... Anyway,I was kinda mad at Yuzuya, actaully almost hated her becasue she broke up Keppie and Kokoro. Well although it was only one time... I was still mad >=0 And to be honest, I didnt really watch A. ze Baby because of Keippie and Yuzuyu. I mainly watched it becasue of Kokoro and Keippie. I wanted to see if Kokoro would actually go ou tiwht him.... AND SHE DID ^0^ I knew from the begining that I was gonna love her character. Being all layed back and
 stuff, acting cool and calm. And her character is drawn well too ^_^

And now I am sad becasue it ended =T I watched it in 5 or 6 days. Although I could of finished it in 4 days. But I was such a wimp to watch 25 and 26 becasue I knew it would end if I did  :'( But I finally wathed it. Haha, I even remember when I watched  12-18 in one night till 6 am.

Anyone know any anime similar to the storyline of Kokoro and Keippie, or A. ze Baby? Or characters very similar to theirs? Please tell if you do! ->_<-

Oh and thanks too for the link of the manga ^_^

(note to self, find a good siggie of Kokoro and Keppie… or just Kokoro =P)

Oh and Nee-sama was cool too ^_^ she was pretty when she didnt get mad and funny when she got mad.


Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: fynefilo on August 24, 2005, 05:40:06 AM
Hehe, I think that's the same with me. The main reason why I liked this series was because Kokoro is just soooo coool. She is one of my favourite female characters ever!! Yuzuyu was cute and stuff, but I'm not really a little-kid person. They're cute and everything, but all of the ones I know (little cousins,etc) are pretty annoying and cheeky lil things. But Shou-chan is one little kid that I like. He's awesome!!

Yep, Kokoro was the thing I liked most about AiBaby. And I reckon her seiyuu really, really suited her (really cool) character. It's not really a better ending for Kokoro in the ending that I'm talking about. She's got like, a side-story (?) thing. I dunno, it's like...You know how there are all these events with the stalker, Shou-chan and Miki. It's like that. And Kokoro's is sooo coool. Just wait 'till you read it. I think it starts around ch18 or something. Right after Miki's story/event thing. Then something more interesting happens closer to the end. hehhe

I actually liked Onee-sama ( cute when she tells Yuzuyu to call her that) and Miki quite a lot. I liked Reiko's (Onee-sama's) attitude, although it can be pretty crazy at times. One scene I liked was when there was a cockroach and she's sticking her finger up at it and telling it off. Lol, so funny. And also in the manga, there's more character development for her. With Miki, her story just really connected with me. I'm not saying I get picked on by teachers or anything like that, but I was just drawn to her character. When reading her story, it made me cry...haha......All the female characters in this are just cool. Except for the scary stalker chick and maybe some others I've forgotten.

Haven't come across anything with cool characters like Kokoro and Kippei though...They're so cool.
Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: sLaVeGiRl911 on August 25, 2005, 12:48:40 PM
I like kids alot. But in animes... they seem kinda nnoying, 'cept Yuzuyu. Her character was cute. But eh.. I dont wanna say got in the way.. but yes she got in the way of Keppie and Kokoros relationship.
Well I hope to read abou thtat. I will make a time today where I wont go on ANY forum... maybe not even sign onto AIM  :o just to rea the first two  chapters ^_^
Yes, I like Onee-sama too. It was funny when she acted so scared when she saw the raoch, hah! I didnt see that coming. She looks so evil when shes mad I didnt think ANYTHING could scare her.
Shes pretty too though ^_^ like Kokoro. I love her hair. (oh my god what the hell am I saying? I sound so weird x_X)

Anyway, Kokoro-chin and Kippei FOREVER!


Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: fynefilo on August 28, 2005, 12:30:27 AM
Lolz, yeah..I really like Youko Maki's art style. Her characters are heaps pretty.
Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: sLaVeGiRl911 on August 28, 2005, 10:41:58 AM
Yes very. At first I thought it was the same artists as MARS. BUt then I realized it couldnt be becasue the art was much much better.

But Im reading the manga now and I love the art<3. I see some similarities of the anime and manga in art style.
The only thing I odnt like about the manga is how the shorten scenes. In the anime they were much longer. Like the swimming pool scene, and the fondling in the hallway, and the first kiss. Sigh, those were great. IT was better in the anime. But the manga is super funny  ;D. Like the giving birth part.
"...It hurts more than when you slapped me jsut then?" <- 5  year old Kippie
"NO SHIT! Its as painful as squeezing a wetermelon through your nostrils!"
-Kippie and Reiko Katakara

"Listen. Can you hear the little baby's voice?"
"I can't! Is it dead?" <- doesnt want a younger sibling
-Kippie and mother

LMAO! hahaha

Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: Chaos on August 28, 2005, 12:57:05 PM
definitely one of my favs. the art is uber, way better than MARS. well yes this is a good anime, if there were any.
Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: sLaVeGiRl911 on August 28, 2005, 10:05:31 PM
Yes, I think this maybe up there with Love Hina in my book ^_-
Yea, the art is better than MARS. Its much more detailed and it doesnt make look like chicks when they are in color.

Im on chapter 5.. I think in the manga.

Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: fynefilo on August 30, 2005, 01:45:49 AM
Ohhh...The manga just gets better and better. I love all the Kokoro scenes.

EDIT: I just found out the manga has been licensed and will be released on April 11. I'm way happy!!! So maybe the anime might get picked up...But I probably wouldn't buy the anime. I could just imagine their English voices..I really don't like dubs, as I have all these boxed anime with retarded voices and never heard a good one. But I reckon Kokoro's voice suits her so much already (Wai!! Kokoro!! ^^), same with Kippei, and I dread the idea of Yuzuyu's voice being dubbed.
Title: Re: Aishiteruze Baby
Post by: sLaVeGiRl911 on September 01, 2005, 05:39:32 PM
Yep, as I told you on the PM, Im on volume 6.
I feel for Kokro, Dont cry!!!!
Lol, Yep, my favorite scenes are with Kokoro <3. Theres so manythings I wanna discuss that has happened to her... but Im afraid that someone might get mad if I spoiled it for them. So Ill keep my mouth shut, and keep the thoughts in meh head.

I think Im definitly gonna try to buy them, even against my moms will. Muahahah, they are that good to me <3. Dubbed anime =T. Im gonna have to say, Im not gonna buy that either. I dont liek American voices. Its os diffrent from what the characters seem like they should sound like. And it makes the character have a total diffrent impression or whatever. Like Samurai Champloo, Dragon Ball Z (yes, many years ago), Sailor Moon (yes this too), etc.