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By: Nayuki

"Amber!  Come on! Juuuuump!!"
"Yeah!  Jump, Amber!"

    Voices were heard below.  They were all splashing around at the bottom of the waterfall.  It was mid-Summer and school was readily approaching again.  The weather was as nice as it could be - the sun shining at it's solstice.  The sound of the waterfall created an atmosphere full of pleasure.  It was a very carefree environment.  This 'place' that they came to, was like an oasis - except there were no barren land.  There were no signs of sorrow.  At least not there.  

    Amber was standing on a rock at the edge of the small waterfall.  It was not too high, give or take 10 - 15ft.  Her mind had completely been shut off as she zoned out, looking out towards the horizon.  She closed her eyes for a moment and in that very moment, she saw those bright lights again.  She shook her head and opened her eyes.
"All right, all right, everybody!!"  She yelled down.  "I'm gonna jump now!  Ethan, you better catch me!" She sarcastically shouted.  Amber spread her arms out ingeniously as if she were to fly.  The breeze was soft and gentle as it weaved through her long, dark brown hair. She jumped off the rock diving into the watery fathoms below.  As she surfaced for air, Ethan picked her up and dunked her in the water again.  "Finally!  You decided to join the rest of us!  It took you long enough." He said.
"Of course.  I needed to make a grand entrance!" Amber giggled, splashing him with water.

    The both of them slowly moved a little bit away from the rest of the group closer to the shore.  "You were up there for a pretty long time.  Something's on your mind, isn't it." John asked as he swam alongside her.  "Is it what I think it is..?"  
Amber swam a little bit faster, ignoring his questions.  Her smile quickly dissipated.
"It is, isn't it."
"I don't know what you're talking about, Ethan." She quickly replied as she stepped onto the shore, grabbing her towel off of the large rock where everyone placed their belongings.  The heat from the rock made the towel warm and she smiled a little as she put it over her shoulders.  It reminded her of a warm embrace.

"Stop ignoring me, Amber." Ethan said as he grabbed his towel.
Amber slowly walked away.  "I'm not ignoring you."  She sat down on a smooth rock dangling her legs in the water.
"Then stop walking away from me.  Stop walking away from it."
"From what, Ethan?  What am I walking away from?"    
"It's been two years, Amber. Two years.  I thought you were over it.  I thought you were okay.."
"I thought so too.  Just.. today was the day...." She started trailing off as
Ethan sat down next to her.
"I know.  Today, exactly two years ago.  I know you're upset, but there was nothing you could have done.  It's not your fault.  You have to stop blaming yourself."
"I know.  I just.. "  She sighed deeply as she brought her knees to her chest and rested her head on her knees. " I just wish I weren't so stupid that day.  If only.. ugh. "  She tried to withold her tears.  "If only I had held on to those stupid flowers better..."
"You really need to stop blaming yourself, Amb."
She sniffled a bit, "Did you know, on that day... when it all happened, he was going to ask me to marry him?  I remember it so clearly.  We parked across the street from the restaurant.  He gave me my favorite flowers when he came to pick me up. Heh.  Forget-Me-Nots.  Ironic... isn't it?  I should have left them in the car."  She buried her face in her hands.
"He was going to ask you to marry him...huh."
She nodded. "Well, when I bumped into this other guy walking the opposite way, I had dropped my flowers and I was so stupid.  'It's okay honey, I'll catch up' I said.  The next minute, I looked up and .. " Tears started to fill her eyes. "All I heard was John screaming my name.  I saw the bright headlights, then I saw John running at me..and then he pushed me out of the way...and that was it.  When I finally got up.. I just saw John.. he's just lying there.. and the driver of the car just sat in his damn car.  He didn't even do anything.  I saw in John's other hand the case for the ring.  I thought it was odd, usually I always hold his right hand but that day he made me hold is left hand."  She started to cry.  "I .... just remember holding his hand and the last thing he said to me was, 'Amber, I love....y..o...' And I just remember calling to him.. I .. I couldn't even tell him that I loved him, Ethan.. I didn't even get that chance.  He was my everything.."

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*gasp* she posted!
btw, I really liked this story. Good stuff chigga ;)